I joined for philanthropy and personal reasons

March 18, 2015


Why I joined the Pap Corps…

My decision to join The Pap Corps is both personal and philanthropic.  More than ten years ago, my sister was diagnosed with Stage 2B breast cancer.  A little more than five years ago, I lost one of my dearest friends to cancer. I have also watched acquaintances and family members bravely fight this disease.

Prior to those two events, I certainly was aware of the many organizations out there that raise funds to fight specific cancers. If I look back, I am sure I probably donated to those causes.  It seems when cancer hits closer to home, your interest in finding the best doctors, the best treatments, the best preventative measures and the best information increases exponentially.

It is sad that it takes life changing moments to open your eyes to the importance of cancer research and finding a cure. That is the sad truth about any disease but today many of us know of someone fighting cancer, beating cancer or losing their battle. That is why I joined The Pap Corps. It is a way to honor my friend and support my sisters by helping to raise money for cancer research locally here for the University of Miami, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

There have been remarkable strides made in the treatment of cancer and knowledge about cancer. As a ten year participant in the National Institute of Health’s Sister Study, I know this firsthand. But, the journey is not over. Much of the future of cancer treatment, and hopefully preventative measures, lies in genetics and a more personalized approach to treatment. This truly underscores the importance of cancer research. It is my genuine hope that while destiny may have brought me to The Pap Corps, eradication and research is where I place my hope and my efforts.



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